Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WOYWW: Snow Day

We had a snow day today! It's just one of those perks to working at a school :D And you'd think with the whole day to work with I'd have posted earlier...but alas, I fall into old habits. Despite the late start, I do have a few things to share today; so, I think I might actually put a couple of posts up. I like to keep each of my posts relatively simple, not requiring a lot of scrolling. 

Let's get down to business! Welcome to this week's WOYWW rendition by Snapping Turtle:


As you can see, I haven't yet changed up my camera angle, perhaps I'll feel a bit more adventurous next week. You will also notice there was quite a bit going on here! I say 'was' because my desk no longer looks like this. I changed up my project focus right after I took this.  But perhaps you'd like a little explanation of what you see? 

I'll start from the top right corner and work in a clockwise fashion. In the top right is Hobby Lobby's "Stamping, Stationery, and Scrapbooking" 1st Quarter Issue. It isn't a bad magazine for a 1.99. Below that is the 6x6 paper pad that came with the "Quick Cards" magazine I picked up from Barnes&Noble a couple of months past. As much as I love to blog hop and check out Pinterest for ideas, it is nice to curl up on the couch with a crafting magazine.

Underneath those two articles is the baby book I finished. It has since been bundled with its matching card (see below) and ready to be delivered.

To the left is the new acrylic paint set and brushes I just purchased. I'll elaborate more in my next post. And on the far left is the new stamp set I found on sale at Hobby Lobby: Hot Air Balloon Collage by TPC Studio. Oh, and in the top left corner are my Page Map cards. I'll elaborate more on that in my next blog too!

Thank you for stopping by! Please visit all of the other lovely WOYWW blogs by checking out Stamping Ground by Julia.

Have a great Thursday!


Alison Scott said...

That baby book looks cute.
Will check later for the finished canvas. ;-)
Sorry I'm late visiting
Alison #72

Winnie said...

This is my first time participating. I am loving this card you did. The grass shape really caught my eye. I have a major thing for butterflies too. Looks like you have a great setup!

April Story said...

Cute card. I didn't even know Hobby Lobby put out a crafting magazine - I'll have to check that out.
April #101

Anonymous said...

Jeanna, it looks like you've got a lot going on here -- projects completed, a project in process, and new goodies to play with. I'll go check out your subsequent posts! Happy WOYWW on Friday from Laura #105 (Thanks for visiting me.)