Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mixing It Up

If you are over for WOYWW then you want to (also) check out my previous post. This one I wanted to share a few of my current projects/pieces.

To start off I thought I'd elaborate on a few things I mentioned in my WOYWW blog. The first of which is my recent purchase of acrylic paints. Prior to Saturday (this past weekend) I did not own any liquid mediums, most specifically paints. I had considered purchasing in the past since my sister and I have enjoyed painting wooden and ceramic figurines, but I never really committed. It wasn't until after I had joined Creative Jumpstart 2013 by Nathalie Kalbach that I realized all the ways that I could utilize acrylic paint in my cards, pages, and mini-books.

I picked up this 24 color set and 25 piece brush set from Hobby Lobby.
 Yeah, I couldn't decide what colors to start with..

My first project I am trying to tackle with these paints is on canvas. I had botched my first (and so far only) transfer attempt of a photo.
 Poor Raider's Face got a big gash in it!

I started by painting the canvas coral. I then experimented with stamps and realized I could heat emboss a butterfly on top of the paint. Neato! I did it in VersaMark so it acts as more of a background. Now I'm kind of stuck. I have never dabbled in Mixed Media or Art Journals, so any tips would be helpful. Specifically, I'm looking to know what glue you'd recommend for adding paper, ribbon, flowers, and the like. 

My other recent activity was the creation of a card for my paternal Grandpa. His birthday is Friday. Just to mix it up a bit, I actually pulled out my Page Map cards by Becky Fleck. I have both the Page Map books, 1&2, and they came with take along cards of all the projects. 

 Not too shabby, eh?

I used the left over paper from Dear Lizzy: Neapolitan that I had just used for that baby book.The buttons and punch are both from Stampin Up.

I think I'm going to try to squeeze in one more card, an Anniversary one, before I head to bed. But before I got, I wanted to give a shout out to my lil' sister, Stephi, who has just started her own blog. She's already following in my footsteps. *tear* You can find Stephi at Miniature Mishaps You will eventually see a bit more crafty bits, but at the moment she is trying to get her home together. She just moved to Louisiana with her hubby. If you could, please take a minute to stop by to say hello!

Thanks for hanging out with me! Have a great night!


Krisha said...

Jeana, that is a very pretty card. The buttons look like smiling faces in the photo. I use Crafters Pick: The Ultimate glue for just about everything, except scrapbooks. Look around at art journals and other people's canvas' to get some ideas. I watch A LOT of You Tube for inspiration.
Hope this helps
Krisha #109

Claire said...

you have been busy!! i love all those acrylics (having just startd using them myself) - i've only got a basic set - 8 colours - i'm v. envious :)
and such a cute card!
thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment :)
happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week!
no. 5

Alison Scott said...

A very pretty card. An excellent idea for using up burttons.
Good luck with the canvas.
I am seriously considering trying to, but not sure where to start either.
Will follow your blog to check your progress!
I will pop over to your sister's blog too. As a newbie to this, I know I appreciated my visitors. :-)
Sorry I'm late visiting
Alison #72

Christine said...

love those smiley faces - oops! they're buttons!!!

dropped by your sister ......... she's ok! left some love

Stephi Dalen said...

Thanks for the little shout out :)
If you need more Raider prints or files of his photos, let me know, I only have a billion or so of them!