Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WOYWW--The Aftermath

I will eventually get into a regular routine of crafting and posting...but until that day comes you can expect sporadic reveals after very spontaneous creativity. I know we had spoken last week about me joining in on WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday) for the 16th [or at least that is the conversation I had in my head]. As you can see that did not happen...BUT in my defense I caught some nasty intestinal virus that put me out of commission for two whole days last week. Not cool. 
All is now well, and I did find my muse who so kindly directed me in the completion of the baby book this week. My craft space below shows you the aftermath. I suppose it could be worse. I could have spilled-something-or-other to have to clean up.

Now to clear up the space before I head to bed! I want to start with a clean slate tomorrow. I think I'm going to make some cards before I move on to my next project. 

Before you call it a night, stop on by to visit Julia at Stamping Ground, the start of your official blog hop for WOYWW.


Jaki Morris said...

Yuck! To the intestinal virus, poor you.

There's always next week!

Jakix #90

Francesca said...

Not the nicest of things to get. but New Year New You, take the plunge show a picture. Have a good day. Francesca #72

scrappymo! said...

Hope you are completely better!
Your desk looks great. I could just see some of the SP's you used and they look great! You will have to show us the finished book...

trisha too said...

Egads, not cool at all!

But now the book is finished, and that is, indeed, cool!

Happy WOYWW!
:)trisha #164 this week
and a little late!

Robin Spitzer said...

Yeck...That dern flue is in my house...this is my 2nd day...feeling a bit better

Glad you are back on your feet!

Robin @151

MaggieC said...

Hope you soon get rid of that beastly virus, and get back to some healthy crafting. xx Maggie #20

Julia Dunnit said...

Urgh, hope you're feeling better. And I think if you're having conversations in your head, you may as well put them down here for us to share. Because we get it.

Alison Scott said...

Poor you. At least you got here.
Hope to see more of your work.
Happy WOYWW, see you next week!
Alison #100

Stephi Dalen said...

Good thing I moved so we can't share illnesses! Now we can both bug each other about updating our blogs at least :)