Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shall We Begin?

My first project since initiation of this blog will be another baby book (my favorite). It is for a coworker who just had a little boy. Since I don't have little one's, I create for those around me. Unfortunately, that means I sometimes have to wait until another one pops out. And I have been waiting for a little boy for a bit now. 

I don't know when I bought it, but I found the most adorable paper by Little Yellow Bicycle. It's their BabySaurus line. And I love Dinosaurs. :D

Okay, I don't know if the one in the top right is from the same line, but isn't it just the cutest?!?

Sadly, at the time, I was not in the frame of mind to actually pick up the matching accent pieces. This meant a run to the store to try and find some complementary Dinos. I was able to find these guys:

A little disclaimer: I won't always know what brands I'm using because prior to this past year I lived in an apartment. That meant storage was key. I had a 12x12 box for paper, and the little strip "labeling" the papers had to go. Also, I didn't know that anyone cared. I'm not one to hold onto such details. Sorry! If it is important to my readers, I'll try to mend my ways!

Also, I will try my best not to bombard you with post after post-at least not in the same day. I guess I'm just excited!

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