Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let This Be the First Step

I'm finally doing this!

Welcome to my first blog. Ever. [Unless you count Myspace. But we don't, do we?] It is told that this journey will be a great those who tell such things...mostly me. Ok, probably just me. 

I like to pretend that I am clever. And because of this, I thought it about time I find a creative outlet. Some electronic form that would let me be known to the world...Eureka!

I decided to try out this world of blogging [weblog, for those even newer to the field than I] because I did not see any other avenue to share my love of crafting and photography. And of course, what other acceptable outlet is there to write all about the self without it seeming vain and narcissistic. ;)

Insert random photos

Oh, look at the colors!
Okay, they weren't that random. I wanted to see how this whole upload photo thing worked.

Shall we carry on with this adventure...

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