Sunday, December 30, 2012

How Did I Get Here?

My entry into the world of crafting followed shortly after the organization of my digital photo collection. At that time it was at 6000+ photos. Although, I'm sure my computer and flash drives love my collection as much as I do; it really is a sorry reason not to share all those memories.

Unfortunately, my best intentions have been overshadowed by my tendency to procrastinate. It's not something I'm necessarily proud of; but hey, you sometimes need to stick with something you are good at. ;) 

Fresh out of college, with all this "free time" on my hands-I bought my first materials Jan 2008 with my Christmas gift card to Michael's. I made a couple of pages, about 6 to be exact. They aren't horrible. Perhaps we can describe them as charming.

Then, nothing...

Late 2009, well, probably closer to December. Maybe we shouldn't even include the year of 2009. We will start fresh! January of 2010, I realized now that I was out of college, and a newlywed in a new city pursuing a new career I should also find a hobby. I got back into paper crafting through cards. I found I loved making my own cards. Mostly, I found that I did not like paying 3.95 for a store bought card.

Before I ventured further, I decided I needed help. I checked-out some magazines, books, and YouTube videos. From there, I discovered blogs! Oh, how talented you all are!! With this extra 'help' I felt safer, more secure in developing my skills. I discovered this new, magical world where it was okay to be obsessed with paper. It taught me about double sided paper, and actually encouraged the purchase of all these tools, most importantly a paper trimmer. 

I have since made an album for my older sister (with pics), one for my mother (w/o pics), and started my wedding album. But of course, I became distracted: I found that I liked to make random layouts and put them into a frames. Then I discovered mini-books! They are so fun! I found kits, and videos, and step-by-step online...

And one day- maybe 2013 will be the year- I will complete an ENTIRE album just for me.

Buffet Table Labels 

Father's Day

Friend's Baby Book

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