Sunday, June 1, 2014

Did you miss me? I did.

I am the worst self-motivator. I have great ideas, and the best of intentions, but when it actually comes to action I have fallen flat. No follow-through. I really do love writing, and crafting, so you'd think this blog would be at the top of the list. You even saw me try to light the spark again last year. Yeah, I got far. Must have been a short fuse. Pretty much been crazy lazy. Yes, life has happened, but there has been many a night that I was just a bum on the couch. Probably explains the extra pudge too ;)

Well, maybe I was not a total bum. I have still been crafting this whole time. Here is a sampling of my work. My next blogs will be more details of those projects. For those just dying to know what I've been up to, here are the numbers (since my last post):

Cards: 26 (+Christmas Cards)
Layouts: 2
Mini-Books: 7 (+1 in progress)
Paintings: 5
Framed Work: 1
Other: 5 (example: Card Holder)
Project Life: 4 weeks (yeah, dropped the ball on that too. Lame.)

Not too shabby, eh?

 Baby Book for Trede Family

 Mini Motivators for CoWorkers

 First painting with Vino Van Gogh

 Birthday Card for Bestie

 Farewell Card for CoWorker

Framed Layout for Mom's Bday

I hope you liked what you saw! 

Thank you for visiting!


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