Sunday, February 24, 2013

Breaking the Silence

I feel that after this long break I should have a really legit reason for not blogging. Sadly, I don't have anything really exiting to report. Between the daily activities, our weekend out of town, and my almost pneumonia, I have not spent a lot of time in my craft room. Okay... that isn't completely true. I lied. I did manage to squeeze out a couple of Valentine's Cards. And I have been spending some time sorting out my recent purchases. 

You might find this shocking [I did] but prior to last weekend I  did not own neutral cardstock. I did not own black, white, or Kraft cardstock. This realization came about the usual way. I felt "stuck", and finally decided that it might help to theme my albums, but not just with a paper collection. I like how many of my peers use one paper throughout, usually a neutral, as the backdrop. And of course, that is when I realized I did not actually own any neutral paper. Hard to break the crafting silence when you don't have the supplies you need! Michael's was having a 3 for $10  so I decided it was the time to purchase. I like to call it predestined shopping. Combined with my other recent purchases I think I have the paper I need to complete at least 6 albums/projects.

Don't believe me?

     I'd like to thank Two Peas and Bucket, Busy Scrappin, Heirlooms by Design, & Micheal's for fueling my addiction.

I am now on a self prescribed ban of crafting stores until I make those 6 albums. The only orders I will now be placing will be for photos. I am kind of notorious for taking hundreds of photos in one sitting and NEVER printing them. I finally sat down and ordered prints from our trip to South Dakota last May. I only have about a thousand more occasions to upload and order. I think that will be my official March project.

Thank you for stopping by, and expect to see me again this Wednesday for WOYWW!

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Alison Scott said...

I'm guilty also of taking of taking pictures galore and not printing them. That is why I'm working on years old photos cos that's the ones I have at home when I want to do some scrapping.